Why Choose Jones In Marbella?

Choosing a new home with your family is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

Choosing a home in a foreign country with your family is one that requires a trust-worthy adviser by your side throughout the process, someone that will guide you through the new terrain with your best interest at heart.

That is why it´s important to find a broker who is informed, relaxed and professional.

Finding the right for property for an individual client requires a strong connection with the local market and an unequivocal understanding of the client’s needs. We here at Jones In Marbella have those connections.

Having lived full-time in the Costa del Sol and the wider area of Marbella for over 20 years, we have extensive knowledge of the property market and the local area.

There is a lot to discover and to consider during the journey, and we are here to help, answering your questions and discussing your concerns as we go along.

Let´s start by presenting a basic outline of what you need to be aware of when buying a property in Spain.

Our Customers…

The key to being able to provide the very best service to our clients is in having established and reliable communications with vendors and promoters within the area.

We ensure that you the client will be given the optimum opportunity to access whatever suits you best.

The Who…

In such a competitive market there are many service providers looking to attract your custom, whether that be Estate Agents, Real Estate Lawyers or Property Managers.

Our contacts are tried and tested and so we can be certain that you will experience the very best in representation.