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Marbella and the surrounding Costa del Sol have a new look. One which features plastic disposable PPE discarded with llittle thought for the consequences.

This photograph was taken by scuba instructor Roger Millan Casas while he was diving with clients near Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava in July 2019. This was taken before the intense use of disposable gloves brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. However, it illustrates so well the devastation that plastic waste is causing to the marine life in our oceans.

As we, the human race, rush to “save ourselves” from the pandemic, it seems that we have forgotten all of the progress that we were making with our use of single-use plastics. Our roads, pathways and beaches are now littered with disposable masks and plastic gloves. THESE WILL END UP IN OUR OCEANS.

However much we prioritise the need to save ourselves, we should remember one thing. The damage that we are doing to the MARINE ECO-SYSTEMS is irreversible, and without the marine world, life on land will not be sustainable.

We have a summer ahead which is set to see many less visitors. This should give us an opportunity to care for our coast, and collect as much of this litter as we can.

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