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You Never Get A Second Chance To Make That First Impression.

Many property and second-home owners have been affected by recent events due to Covid-19, and some will have found that their situations have changed. The luxury of owning a second home in Spain has become unrealistic for many, who have made a decisión to sell. Ensuring a swift and lucrative sale is the only option for many owners. Selling homes in today´s vibrant and competitive markets is all about getting the máximum exposure to the audience to whom you want to market your home. To appeal to a higher number of potential buyers, a home can be staged in order to enhance it´s features and design giving it the best posible coverage.

In these times, buying clients are evermore expecting to be presented with an immaculate property which is shown in it´s best possible aspect. This means immaculate and stylish furniture, fixtures and fittings, and plants which enhance the home.

Home-staging has been employed very successfully in the United States for many years in a lucrative and robust real estate market. Interested buyers now expect the best. And the best look for your home can be created by the experienced designer with an eye for the detail of each individual property. A fully bespoke design package is developed for the home which will give it the crisp, stylish and desirable look needed to help it sell in a competitive market.

These ítems are costly, and many owners are reluctant to pay for these things outright. Moroever, a prospective buyer may not want to keep the furnishings of any home sold furnished. They might understandably prefer to put their own mark within those walls.

Therefore, the option to “lease” a complete home staging package becomes a great solution, giving the motivated vendor the means to present his home as a key-ready and attractive property.

For the prospective buyer, he can see the home as it would look at it´s key-ready best. The option to buy the furniture package is offered. Alternatively the furniture is removed at the point of sale.

For the furniture companies that provide the fixtures and furnishings, they have the opportunity to present full-sized stages of the interiors that they can créate from their stock, which they can have photographed for their marketing on websites, in magazines and on social media. The home can be branded with their company logo giving them fantastic advertising in situ.

The opportunity for promoting homes through the use of Open-House Events becomes very interesting for all involved, including the furniture company who would be set to benefit from such “live” and interactive settings.

The interior for each property is created in-house by our interior designer, working to a brief developed with the property owner. The ítems will then be sourced from one of our partmer furniture stores, who will provide the delivery of the ítems to the home, where the staging will be implemented