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It´s an early Saturday evening in June. In the steep hills behind the coast of East Marbella, and the staggering colours of Andalusian nature are at their most vibrant, assaulting the senses in their brilliance and soothing the soul in their depth. These wild tones are from the palette that make this landscape what it is. And this year in early June the colours are more reminiscent of springtime here than early summer. But of course, that would be so. We spent the last 3 months of spring in lock down, under dismally grey skies that gifted more rain than usual. And so now, the foliage of the hills is blooming gloriously. The breath-taking green tones are mesmerising against the sublime blue of the sky in this early evenng light, and with the ochre and gold tones of the earth and the recently-scalped cork oak trees, the Andalusian palette that makes this part of the world so special is complete.